TGW Systems (Formerly Ermanco)
   XenoRol Line Shaft Conveyors

XenoRol rollers are driven by frictional force with pretensioned polyurthane belts which are driven from a line shaft. This delivers a fixed amount of torque from the line shaft to the rollers and allows the drive pulleys
to slip on the shaft like a clutch. The advantage of this design is the ability to power straight sections and
curves from a single drive with minimum accumulation pressure. Installation, wiring, controls and design are available.

TRW Systems/Ermanco, founded in 1964, developed and patented break through lineshaft conveyors, lineshaftdriven
live roller conveyor technology that continues to serve as a model of quiet, accurate, low maintenance material handling conveyors. Ermanco designs and manufactures material handling conveyors and integrated systems at its facility in Spring Lake, Michigan. Over the years, Ermanco has provided hundreds of lineshaft conveyors to some of the world's largest companies. Ermanco is a Michiganbased company with regional sales offices and authorized distributors throughout the United States. Ermanco licensees and business partners are located in Brazil, Canada, India, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, South Africa, and United Kingdom. A nationwide network of experienced material handling equipment distributors sell, install and service Ermanco conveyors. Specially engineered systems are sold direct to end users, including government facilities. Ermanco has licensees in Australia and Japan a particular advantage in extending our technology leadership worldwide.