Screw Conveyors and Bucket Elevators

Custom Screw Conveyors from stock components. Standard duty thru heavy duty, carbon steel,stainless steel and galvanized are available. For special flight designs or a solution to a particular problem, contact our office.
Screw conveyors are bulk material handling equipment capable of moving a vast variety of materials. The material is moved by a rotating screw that pushes or pulls the material along the bottom and sides of the conveyor housing, shearing the material in the radial clearance between the screw and conveyor housing and causing the material to tumble upon itself as the rotating screw's face tends to lift the material.

Bucket Elevators offer a practical, efficient and economical means of elevating a wide variety of dry and free flowing bulk materials. For every material there is a choice of one or more types and sizes which will serve your needs. Typical bucket elevator conveyors consist of a
series of buckets mounted on chain or belt and enclosed in steel casings. We offer Centrifical Type Bucket Elevators for handling dry, free flowing materials as well as Continuous Type Elevators for handling sluggish material or materials having a large percentage of lumps. Should there be any doubt in selecting the type of elevator, our staff will gladly assist you in selecting the proper unit.