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ACSI operates solely through a nationwide network of professional material handling equipment distributors, selling a complete line of pre-engineered, unit handling conveyors. Their inside sales staff is well trained in conveyor applications and pricing with the ability to respond quickly and accurately to the daily needs of their distributors' sales personnel. Their distributors are capable of complete turnkey systems handling the controls and installations of all their product lines. The company has developed a stocking program called ZIP Ship where standard conveyor models are shipped from inventory within 24 hours for gravity conveyors, and within five days for power models. If these orders aren't shipped on time, ACSI pays the freight! If the equipment shown does not meet the requirements of a particular application, ACSI offers custom engineered or modified standard equipment. The ability to design and manufacture "specials" has been a great contributing factor in the growth of ACSI. The company is committed to a program of expanding its standard product line. In keeping with this policy, many new models are presently in various stages of design and development. Literature on all our equipment can be requested either through this site or by contacting a member of the sales staff at Cumberland Conveyor.


Cumberland Conveyor is a complete sales, service and installation company highly experienced in many different types of conveyors and conveyor systems. We are an Authorized Systems Builder for FlexLink Systems Inc. as well as a distributor for Automated Conveyor Systems Inc. (ACSI), TGW Systems/Ermanco Inc., Pacline Conveyors Inc., Screw Conveyor Corporation, Endura-veyor Inc., Q.C. Industries,LLC, Leeson Electric Corporation (motors and drive components)and Keenline, Inc. 

FlexLink Conveyors are flexible chain systems assembled from component parts that are capable of transporting items in variable configurations to meet your needs. FlexLink Conveyors offer diverse designs such as vertical wedge elevators, accumulating alpine conveyors and multiple picking pallet station systems. These are only a few of the many types of conveyors available. Installation, wiring, controls and design are available.